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Think Young | AIESEC – Way Forward ~ Entrepreneurship School Kenya 2016.

Are you ready to learn more about entrepreneurship?  Are you aware of the Entrepreneurship School Kenya 2016? Book the period between 4th April to 8th April 2016 for this epic session. During the 5 day programme you will be given the opportunity to question experienced entrepreneurs on a number of topics: exposing you to real experiences and stories of both entrepreneurial […]

No Opinion is Invalid ~ Let’s make summer greatest.

As we approach one of our realization peaks as an organization, THE SUMMER PEAK. We will like to consolidate as many opinions as possible from all over to enable is plan as a region and deliver the best summer ever. It is all about you! Feel free to share with us, your little input can […]

HUB Africa.

Because the world is going hand-held, so are we at AIESEC in Kenya. Help us fill in this questionnaire to give the best and first ever Mobile Apps in Kenya. Fill it “HERE“. Thanks for your cooperation, You rock!

CEEDership for AIESEC in Nigeria 2015-2016

Greetings from the Heart of Africa! AIESEC in Nigeria is seeking for CEEDers (3 Positions Open) who will work with our MC Team in the area of Local Committee Development. We are open to CEEDers from all over the global network, candidates who have experience in Talent management/Exchange management especially oGCDP and have managed oGCDP […]


This is a challenge were members of AIESEC Kenya have the opportunity to be innovative by coming up with detailed plan of a community project based on the current realities in Kenya taking into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This challenge is aimed at: Encouraging members in AIESEC KENYA be part of the change we want to see in KENYA. […]

FACIs for the National Conference 2016 AIESEC in Poland.

AIESEC in Poland is looking for Facilitators for the National Conference 2016, which will held from the 14th to 17th of January 2016.It is the most important conference throughout the whole year when also MCP election 2016/2017 takes place! Ready to create a new story on your AIESEC journey? Wonder how? Check the application booklet HERE. The […]

Marketing CEED Position for AIESEC in Netherlands

AIESEC Netherlands has just opened a CEED position for national marketing. We are looking for someone to work closely with the MC to help create a national marketing strategy for the summer peak, develop a synergy between YouthSpeak and our exchange programs, and design marketing material. Since we do not have an MCVP Marketing, the CEEDer […]